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Nadine Foster

Nadine Foster

One of the senior academic team in the Clinical Trials Unit of the Arthritis Research Campaign National Primary Care Centre at Keele University, Nadine is a physiotherapist by background whose research activity is focused on musculoskeletal pain in primary care. Her research includes clinical trials and other intervention studies for low back pain, knee pain and shoulder pain, and epidemiological studies of predictors of clinical outcome. Her portfolio of research includes studies of the effectiveness of interventions across the spectrum of physiotherapists, general practitioners, osteopaths and chiropractors. With more than £10 million research funding, she has contributed more than 50 full paper publications and supervises MSc/MMedSci and PhD students. She co-leads an annual short course ‘Practical introduction to running randomised clinical trials’ and contributes to MSc programmes at Keele University and elsewhere. She is a member of the HTA Clinical Evaluation and Trials Prioritisation Group, the West Midlands NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Committee and the Arthritis Research Campaign’s Clinical Studies Group on Musculoskeletal Pain. She is one of the international organising committee members for the International Forum for Research in Low Back Pain in Primary Care and secretary elect for the Society of Back Pain Research in the UK. Her post is funded by a Primary Care Career Scientist Award from the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) in the UK, to deliver a programme of research on common musculoskeletal problems.

Click to read Nadine Foster's abstract: Subgrouping patients with low back pain in primary care: are we getting any better at it?

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